Seven Things a Lady Must Know and do (5 is of utmost importance)

This article stands as the complete set of a section that I previously posted on Sina Weibo. It is a set of seven important point that I draw either from my personal experiences or from reading various lectures on live coaching and motivation.

1. Get to know yourself so you can #FLY#FirstLuvYurself#FLY

knowing one’s setbacks is a Major step in achieving self confidence.usually we runaway from and dread  our bad sides but, that is running right to what you are running from. Actually, to achieve self confidence you have to acknowledge that there are some things in you that need to be changed so that you can work it. You can easily offset your setbacks if you know them.

2. Never compare

“If GOD wanted you to be like me he wouldn’t have made us two” so please lady never compare with any other. It’s essential in feeling good with oneself. We are all different, I am fat you are thin, I am fair you are dark so what? If you come to love yourself the way you are you will be happy and feel awesome each time you will look at yourself. But if you compare, you will always manage with yourself; there will always be this feeling of “OK let me just deal with” and you can‘t keep such a feeling about yourself for long. So my lady from now on remember that you are unique, you are exceptional and you don’t have anything to envy from others.

3. Karma is real so give to the world exactly what you expect from it

What of my deep beliefs is that “if you give love you will receive love. what goes around comes back around”. So usually I look at the world like a beautiful place with beautiful people. We are not all open and we don’t all easily speak but at least my lady make sure you try. Set yourself golds as far as kindness and politeness are concerned. Compliment (but don’t flatter) speak true, appreciate what you see, acknowledge what is beauty, and praise what is worth to be.

4. Intelligence is sexy

Seriously, who would like to walk around with someone without any general knowledge at all…? Men are not to contradict this “intelligence is sexy” “smart is hot”

5. Exercise

“I will kill for those abds, but if you don’t work for it you are not getting them in any way” exercising is good both for your mental and physical health. It frees your mind and works your body so what more! 6 to 10 hours per week or even every day and the results will not delay.

6. Spare sometime only for you and yourself

You could be trying everything, the possibilities are endless!!!! But it is important to have a time that you spend all alone doing what you like. The world is a busy place, but a day is made up of 24 hours so you should at least spend one of them busy on yourself. For one thing, WeChat, WhatsApp and all those apps aren’t going anywhere, so for your own sake learn to keep away from them. Stay away from the influence of social media and you will notice many other interesting ways to entertain. Read, write, sing, make-up, exercise, go for yoga but have an activity that will enable you to connect with yourself.

7. Keep your live private

Who wants to hear about your cat, your neighbor or even what you ate yesterday before going to bed? Not everybody is eager to appreciate what is happening into your life. One way to solve this issue is to manage to keep your life private. You may want to share some pleasant moments of your life with your friends but remember not to cross the line. The time you spend telling the world about yourself could be actually used to know yourself more.

Thanks for taking some time to read and keep following me on all my blogs. Till then Remember to #FLY#FirstLuvYurself#FLY


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