Some wows! about Africa’s participation in the Olympics 

The closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games just ended a couple of hours ago in Brasil. When I first thought of writing something about the games, I felt a little desparate: I cannot just sit around and pretend that I will produce accurate statistics as for the final ranking, same as I cannot provide a detailed analysis of the games as if I was a sports analyst or something. Yet I am still to write about the Games.

I reminded myself of all the information I have been gathering about Africa at the Olympics during the almost three weeks the games lasted. I don’t know whether others paid attention to such details but there were a few things about Africa during the games that I would read and then not be able to keep myself from saying wow!

Don’t worry I am not about to tell you about how many medals Africa won during the  games it will be nothing but some copy and paste job. Moreover there are some chances that you heard about it even before me.The article is more of an attempt to go beyond the records and performances of African countries during the games and tell about what it inspired in me.

Ivory Coast won its first ever gold medal at the Olympics. The country that hasn’t won any medal since 1964, is proudly going back home with two medals in Taekwondo one being gold.I remember this popular song about how war started in Ivory Coast in 2002. I don’t know whether the worst is me hearing about war through such a nice song, or using the Olympics to make a flashback on such a sorrowful event.whatever the case Ivory Coast is so over such troubles and is working to get back on its feed. Personally I see this first gold medal at the Olympics as a sign of HOPE a sign that in Africa there is always room for achievements.

You can have a clue about the song by following this link Click to watch the video of the song by DOUG SAGA The link  won’t open without a VPN

South Sudan took part to the games as the 55th  African Nation. Yes, the newly independent country has a delegation of three participants that is even more than other African countries like Burkina Faso or São Tomé . Both countries had one participant each. South Sudan took its independence from Sudan in July 2011 since then as an independent nation the country started ratifying international conventions and taking further actions to stand as an independent nation. Of course I tried to do further reading on South Sudan.

I was astonished to find that in South Sudan a man’s wealth is measured to the size of his herd meaning that breeding is a symbolic activity in the world’s newest nation. The core of the country’s economy lays in oil which is the main resource of this landlocked nation slowly making its way to development. If you have extra time, you can check this link  South Sudan viewed by the World Bank to have more on the country’s economy.

You may be asking why would I choose to write on these two countries and from such different perspective. Actually both countries participating in the Olympics remind me of the greatest wealth in Africa which is hope. Their participation stand as a proof that in Africa nothing is impossible.

You may also be asking why all along I didn’t even mentioned my own country which is Cameroon. We effectively took part in the Olympics but to be honest, that’s another story.
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