For Women Only, by Shaunti Feldhahn A Review

Recently a lady lend me a book with For Women Only as title. I only had two to three days to go through the book so, I literally just had a glance from cover to cover. The Lady from whom I borrowed the book warned me about the fact that, it was written mainly for married couples though.

Considering the number of reviews that have been written on a Best-Seller, I am afraid mine is not only coming late but also seems awkward. Or should I say it loud: I strongly believe the word review is not the right word to talk about this piece of writing.

Truly speaking, despite the apologetic style the author uses to attempt to explain the fact that men do not easily open up about their feeling, one thing actually remained unchanged in my mind “men do not easily open up about their inner feelings”. I found astonishing to see a woman talking about men feelings that way.

For women Only is a cautious attempt to explain the both complex and silent men emotions. The author upgrades married women knowledge about their partners through surveys, case studies and even personal experience. In this book, women are called upon to understand this nature and try to act subsequently.

But basically, the book in my opinion was as complex to me as the challenge it seeks to overcome: “that of describing what is going on in a man’s mind”. I thought a book dedicated to men speaking about their feelings would finally have answered my question but it did not.  Throughout the book, men keep highlighting the fact that they won’t open up; rather women are advised to deal with this their nature through a dynamic process of compromise.

In all, reading For Women Only was not a waste of time at all. I only felt a little disappointed because I thought from the title of the book that, I finally found the answer to my question. I guess married people may be more acquainted to the line of thought defended by men throughout the book. So married ladies do not hesitate to have a look if given the occasion.

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