This is what I call a miracle .

To me the most beautiful thing in the world is watching a baby grow up.

Nathan is attending Nursery school for two years now, four years back when he was born, I actually started witnessing my miracle. From the moment he came to the world, I was there for him. I will wake up very early in the morning, boil some water to do his laundry. There is such a strong fulfillment in washing those small cutie pants of him in hot water very early in the morning. After that, most of the time I use to clean his feeding-bottles and all stuff and dry them so that they could be use all day long.
By the time I was done with this stuff, Nathan was already awaken so the next task was giving him a bath. He was yet so cute and tiny that, only his grandma could succeed in bathing him. I stood right beside her frowning at yelling at her anytime, I thought she was hurting the little treasure. After bathing, the day could start and by this, I mean eating having, a good sleep (almost all day long) and of course crying.

Babies cry, too much I must confess, Nathan was no exception. I remember a song I use to sing each time Nathan will cry :

“this feeling like no other, I want you to know I never had someone that knows me like you do,the way you do, I never had someone as good for me as you, no one like you, so lonely before, I finally found what I’ve been looking for”. The song is from High School Musical the First part I think Click to listen to the Song.

I watched Nathan growing one month after another, soon he could sit, then he could crawl, not long after he stood up and walked, his first word was “Papa” yes! He did this he said Daddy before coming to mummy but who cares. By the time he began calling my name, he was already the best handy man his parents could have ever dreamed of. He could redecorate and restructure the whole house in less than one hour. Our daily routine was he destroys, he spoils, he moves everything, then I shout at him and I fix everything up.

There are thousands of wonderful moments with Nathan, so many that I can’t even tell. Now I can only talk to him through the phone, now Nathan is a grown boy. I see hope through him, he grows and changes day after day. Each time we talk, I realize he is becoming more and more clear and sound in his pronunciation (gone are those days where he would call me “shophie”), his vocabulary is expanding in both English and French I’m seeing a brighter future into his eyes day after day.

I remember once we went to the hospital to vaccine Nathan, a nurse told me “one can see by the way you hold that baby you are not his mother”. Which in fact was, and is nothing but the truth. Nathan is my four years old nephew and to him I am nothing but his aunt “Tantine Sophie”.

Thanks for reading, many thanks for following me, see you soon in the meantime remember to remain #FLY#FirstLuvYurself#FLY.


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