Why I don’t make New Year resolutions at all!

I’ve been thinking about what was going to be my first piece of writing in 2017, this was not the first though, but I just had to bring it up to the first position.Why? Because of the New Year of course, but also because of this post from a Facebook friend on New Year resolutions:

“I still get people talking of New Year resolutions! Lol. Honestly, how many people ever live up to those resolutions? I bet you 99.9% don’t. Every 1st of January we hear of New Year resolutions, but no one ever keeps their word. I remember when I was a kid, I resolved never to steal meat from the pot again. Guess what! A big New Year buffet was being prepared and I did my usual when I saw the pot overflowing with meat.

The very day I made a resolution, I broke it.”

You know, I never have time to write down my New Year resolutions because before realizing it I’m always already way into the New Year. But when I come to think of it, New Year resolutions are extremely complex I should say. I always ask are they based on the experiences of the year that is ending or on the expectations for the upcoming year. Like if I wish to have a baby in 2017 does it mean that I wish to meet a new guy/boyfriend/husband (or whatever you call it) this year or that I met one in 2016? Well, here is my view on both cases.

In the first case, writing New Year resolutions based on the experiences of the year that is ending, well I call it living in the past. How many times have we been told, you should let go of the past in other to meet new challenges, new people and have new experiences. Well to me this means letting go of all that you experienced in 2016, letting go of the past, moving on.

In the second case, writing New Year resolutions based on the expectations. Well that will mean living in the future. YES! We are still in January so obviously, if I say that this year I will keep myself from smoking it means that I just went through my whole year in a second only with one thought.

But then, I want to believe the right balance between both options is what mama must have told each of us; “always make plans”. Planning ahead is in no way living in the future it is clearing your path, looking up on your road so that you can get ready to face the obstacles. I also believe that having plans makes things easier as Alan Lakin said, “planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”; actually, planning ahead 2017 means you are ready to get the best out of it; that you are well prepared to face the upcoming 365 days. So never mind my Facebook friend and me we are just way too crazy, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Thanks for reading, many thanks for following me, see you soon in the meantime remember to remain #FLY#FirstLuvYurself#FLY.


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