Recently, I have been reading a biography on Hillary Clinton (don’t worry I will share it with you as soon as I am done with the book). I was then discussing on the book with a friend of mine, I told him that as I am reading the book, I am realizing that Hillary and I have a lot in common. I think my friend was crazy enough to believe that when I say I have a lot in common with Hillary Clinton at this age I am suggesting I’d also like run for president one day. Well I use the opportunity to reiterate to my friend I definitely don’t want to be the person in power. There are so many reasons against me being in power, let us just consider some:

The first reason why I don’t want to be the person in power is that: I won’t be able to let go of it when it is over (this sounds so familiar to many of us right!). It is the absolute truth though. When I was watching President Obama’s Farewell Speech (click to Watch ) the other day, I shed some tears (which is as normal as I even shed tears watching a simple movie). I looked at him smiling at the world’s face and saying Goodbye to the man he had been for 8 years. He just gave it away and left like all of it never meant to him. Obviously, this is something I don’t think I would be able to do when my time comes. I feel like if, I was the one it would be so hard to let go that, I will try to find tricks to remain in power. So, again I don’t want to be the person in power.

Another reason why I wouldn’t want to be in power is that this position jeopardizes a lot more that we can imagine. Usually people fight for power mostly believing they are going to do better and in most of the cases they don’t. They base their campaign on attacking the forerunners and claiming how better they are going to be. By the end of the day, they don’t do anything better out of the power they were entrusted with. They lose face, friends, trust etc. So for this reason too, I wouldn’t want to be in power.

I think a better position is being the person that put things in place. That person that creates ideas, make up plans and then put the person in power at work. Just like the secretary general Cyrus Beene of the white house in the US series Scandal. Olivia Pope and he were the actual presidents, the other guy was only the public figure they needed to implement their ideas. This is the best way of going about when it comes to power. Not that I don’t like, I know for sure that I don’t want to be that person, I don’t want to be the person in power!


Thanks for reading, many thanks for following me, see you soon in the meantime remember to remain #FLY#FirstLuvYurself#FLY.




  1. that’s good Sis, i will just encourage u to move forward, u r very creative but i think u still need more and deep inspiration. Bonne chance ma grande et beaucoup de courage.


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