There is this quote from MAYA ANGELOU that goes “Do the best you can to know better. Then when you know better do better”. I always use this as a reason to go deeper into any subject matter I deem interesting to me. It is also true that with the internet through the power of advertisement, at times, things just fall right on your face without you having to look for them. This is what actually happened to me recently with Grammarly, Yousician and Clue three apps that I discovered and have been enjoying since.

  1. Grammarly

I was streaming on YouTube enjoying this week’s Billboard’s top hits’ playlist (10 minutes review) when this advertisement once more surged: Developed by some of the world leading linguists as the advertisement begins Grammarly detects mistakes a normal spell checker will never do… this paraphrase says pretty much all you need to know about the App. So after hearing it times and again on YouTube I finally downloaded the App to fulfill my growing curiosity.

Grammarly is a proofreading tool which helps to check Grammar errors, Spelling, Punctuation, and style. The App does more than detecting the error, it also provides you with an explanation as per why you should change the original structure. Advance features of Grammarly include Plagiarism detecting as well as vocabulary enhancement. To enjoy these last features, you will have to go premium, though. In any case, I believe as a non-native speaker to me it is an App that worth its weight in gold. Ok, let’s move on before this becomes a complete advertisement. Here is a demo I made on my Grammarly page with last week’s writing endeavor (chuckle!)


The App found 28 additional writing issues on my text (11 Word Choice, 4 Punctuation in Compound/Complex Sentences, 2 Passive Voice Misuse, 2 Improper Formatting, 2 Wordy Sentences, 7 more.), but it won’t show me unless I go premium (cry)

  1. Yousician

Did you ever wake up feeling like you were the next Mozart? Well, it happened to me, and one thing leading to another, I found myself buying a guitar without any idea of the parts that even make a guitar. No need to say that I still cannot play anything up to now (laugh). I was advised by a guitarist to take lessons on YouTube so I rushed there and another advertisement took me. Download Yousician and become the guitarist you always wanted to be…so goes the advertisement. I downloaded it on my iPad, the first week was encouraging, though it is getting more and more difficult.


Developed in 2010 the App is developed to learn three instruments which are the guitar, piano, and Ukelele (what is this last one even?). The App acts as a personal music teacher by sending you insights on you performances during the week into your mailbox. So, if you happen to wake up tomorrow feeling like the next Mozart too, you may want to try Yousician.

  1. Clue

YouTube did not have me on this one, instead, my roommate did. I should have started by saying that this is an App for girls so that boys might just jump to the end. Clue is made to help master the menstrual cycle, it is simply a period and ovulation tracker. I went on google and I found it was first developed in 1985 (do Androids and iPhones even existed by that time). Whatever the case girls if you have the App yet and you don’t have roommates to tell you about it, you have me! So get on your phones and download Clue!

Finally, I feel the need to apologize because this feels more like an advertisement. I’m Sorry!


Thanks for reading, many thanks for following me, see you soon in the meantime remember to remain #FLY#FirstLuvYurself#FLY.




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