Four reasons why I did not enjoy reading Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker by the British author E. L. James is the second part of the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey I, 2012; Fifty Shades Darker II, 2012 and Fifty Shades Freed III, 2013. She is also the author of two other novels all related the trilogy. The Trilogy constitutes her first piece of writing, and she said, she was inspired by the renowned novel series “twilight”. The trilogy made her to appear on Forbes list and, were later on all turned into movies.

I watched the movie Fifty Shades of Grey in 2015 on recommendation of a friend. She told me she has found a completely romantic movie “exactly your type of movie” she said. I took the movie, I watched it, and now I better get back to the book Fifty Shades Darker and the reasons why after reading I am as disappointed as when I watch that movie.

  1. The book is 710 pages long ( I read the French Translation)

I was supposed to read this book during the third month of the year 2017 but I only finished it by the end of April. The book is long and repetitively boring, usually in this type of literature the same love scenes occur again and again. Therefore, authors need to show some creativity to be able to surprise the reader as the latter goes along the love scenes. But I’m afraid E.L. James did not tried her best as all the love scenes between Ana Steele and Christian Grey almost follow the same path. An example? You may want to check page 332 to 334 in the book. I hope you seriously did not expect me to describe a crude love scene from a “provocative romance” in my review! If yes, I am sorry to disappoint you. I picked a scene somewhere in the middle of the book but, I can assure you that all the other scenes in the book start and end the same way. They are not creative enough and do not leave much room to imagination.

Anyway, to me the book was not as triggering as I would have expected. As they argue fight, make love, cook, eat and sleep all long. I could visualize a cute newly wedded couple living in the suburb as well as a couple of reckless teenager.

  1. A review of the first book of the trilogy I found on Facebook

A book seller wrote a review of Fifty Shades of Grey which did not help me at all. I was about 200 pages when I saw that review on Facebook and, I should confess that, it really did impacted on the rest of my literary journey into Fifty Shades Darker. Reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey, the bookseller said it is a reflection of the lack of critical sense inherent to this generation. To him, the book is an unhealthy relationship between a young ignorant girl and a depraved narcissistic man and nothing over. This review is as true as it partly explains why I found the book so boring by the hundredth pages.

  1. It made me realize that I am now a grown mature adult!

I use to enjoy harlequin literature so to me, the fact that I am no longer enjoying it should mean that I have grown.

  1. The review on the back cover is way too exaggerated

“Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, this is a novel that will obsess you, possess you and stay with you forever.” You can judge by yourselves.

I did not felt addictive, I still don’t although I already bought the third part Fifty Shades Freed, I am not really looking forward to finish it. I just felt like a need to read the whole trilogy.

They call it provocative romance but I am afraid I cannot call it romance. In traditional romance, you don’t read with the fear of what horrible thing is going to happen next. When reading Fifty shades, I was always worried as of what was he preparing to inflict on this 17 years old high school graduate who stumbled upon a toxic, tormented man as first lover. I read the book from cover to cover, and I will finish the trilogy, yet I don’t understand what is it so interesting in it for it to have made and still making so much money.


Thanks for reading, many thanks for following me, see you soon in the meantime remember to remain #FLY#FirstLuvYurself#FLY.


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