There is this quote from MAYA ANGELOU that goes “Do the best you can to know better. Then when you know better do better”. I always use this as a reason to go deeper into any subject matter I deem interesting to me. It is also true that with the internet through the power of advertisement, at times, things just fall right on your face without you having to look for them. This is what actually happened to me recently with Grammarly, Yousician and Clue three apps that I discovered and have been enjoying since. Continue reading “THREE APPS THAT HAVE BEEN ROCKING MY WORLD THESE DAYS!”


Recently, I have been reading a biography on Hillary Clinton (don’t worry I will share it with you as soon as I am done with the book). I was then discussing on the book with a friend of mine, I told him that as I am reading the book, I am realizing that Hillary and I have a lot in common. I think my friend was crazy enough to believe that when I say I have a lot in common with Hillary Clinton at this age I am suggesting I’d also like run for president one day. Well I use the opportunity to reiterate to my friend I definitely don’t want to be the person in power. There are so many reasons against me being in power, let us just consider some: Continue reading “I DEFINITELY DON’T WANT TO BE THE PERSON IN POWER.”

A qui confions-nous désormais l’éducation de nos enfants ?

Nos parents ont tous quelque chose d’exceptionnel qu’ils ont reçu pendant leur éducation primaire qui est une grammaire et une orthographe irréprochable (mais où est passé la mienne) . Reçu ici sous-entends que cela leur as été transmis par leurs différents INSTITUTEURS lors de leur cycle primaire. De ce qui précède, surgit un autre sous-entendu à savoir que ces enseignants avaient à leur tour reçu un enseignement de base de qualité. Continue reading “A qui confions-nous désormais l’éducation de nos enfants ?”

This is what I call a miracle .

To me the most beautiful thing in the world is watching a baby grow up.

Nathan is attending Nursery school for two years now, four years back when he was born, I actually started witnessing my miracle. From the moment he came to the world, I was there for him. I will wake up very early in the morning, boil some water to do his laundry. There is such a strong fulfillment in washing those small cutie pants of him in hot water very early in the morning. After that, most of the time I use to clean his feeding-bottles and all stuff and dry them so that they could be use all day long. Continue reading “This is what I call a miracle .”